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RIO-Bangkok-SHR Hair Removal 脱毛サロンのロゴ プロの技術で安心・安全な脱毛体験を


Hair Removal

RIO-Bangkok-SHR Hair Removal 脱毛サロンの入り口 安心して通える高品質な脱毛サロン

About RIO Bangkok

Aiming to be a "new hair removal salon" that turns the conventional wisdom of hair removal salons on its head!

RIO Bangkok SHR is committed to creating a hair removal salon where you can go with confidence, not only for the price but also for the quality. RIO Bangkok SHR aims to be a hair removal salon that can confidently provide the best hair removal services.

First Trial Promotion!

RIO-Bangkok-SHR Hair Removal 脱毛サロンの店内 理想の肌を手に入れるなら信頼のあるサロンで

First-time visitors, women and men alike, are welcome to sign up!

For 799 Baht, you can choose up to 5 areas of your body!

Hair Removal for Kids (12-18 years old)

Choose up to 5 areas of your choice from the entire body for only 799 Baht!

We also have other promotions for full-body hair removal and limited-time promotions.

Please contact us via Line@ for more details.

Optical hair removal has been on my mind for a long time.

Many of you may have done hair removal yourself, whether by shaving, plucking, or waxing. Each method has its advantages. The disadvantages are different. Removing hair by yourself can damage the skin and cause scars. Also, the hairs will grow stronger and thicker than before.

RIO Bangkok SHR's optical hair removal uses an innovative optical hair removal technology called S.H.R. (Super Hair Removal), which aims to destroy bulging and hair growth-promoting cells and slow down the growth of hairs. It does not use the high heat used in other methods to destroy hair follicles.

RIO-Bangkok-SHR Hair Removal 脱毛サロンの施術

What is S.H.R. Hair Removal?

S.H.R. Hair Removal" is an acronym for "Super Hair Removable" and is popular for its painless and quick results. Since it does not target "melanin pigment," it can be applied to tanned skin, areas with moles, and even ingrown hairs. With SHR hair removal, there is no need to adjust to the hair cycle, and some plans require as little as six months to complete the treatment. Shaving is the first step in the hair growth process. Self-treatment is recommended. Our original gel is applied to the skin and light is applied. The hair will naturally fall out in two weeks due to the effect of hair suppressant ingredients that have penetrated into the pores. Repeated treatments will make pores less noticeable and skin smooth and silky. When irradiated with a light on top of the hair suppressant gel, the hair suppressant component of the gel penetrates into the skin! FG attack makes hairs thinner and less noticeable!

RIO-Bangkok-SHR Hair Removal 脱毛サロンではプリンセスケアオイルジェル (当店オリジナル日本製ジェル)を使用

Princess Care Oil Gel
(Our original Japanese gel)

We apply 'Princess Care' to our skin. RIO's light hair removal service uses special formula gels, such as Princess Care Oil Jelly, blended with RIO's unique and valuable ingredients. These gels are extracted from soybeans, almonds, and many other sources. The unique feature of this gel is that it contains microbeads (Philinyl gel) that self-decompose when exposed to light. Once decomposed, the gel gradually absorbs into the skin, providing hair removal, giving vitality, and moisturizing the skin. It also helps gradually brighten the skin.

RIO-Bangkok-SHR Hair Removal 脱毛サロンでは日本人スタッフ常駐 カウンセリングから施術、アフターケアまで、全て日本人スタッフが担当します!

Japanese staff on site

From counseling to treatment and aftercare, everything is handled by Japanese staff!

Skilled staff trained in optical hair removal machines are waiting to assist each customer with permanent hair removal.

Why RIO Bangkok SHR can finish hair removal quickly

RIO-Bangkok-SHR Hair Removalでは最新の日本製脱毛マシンを使用

(1) SHR hair removal (heat storage hair removal) is a hair removal method that approaches the hair follicle, which stimulates hair growth, rather than the hair root.

2) Because hair removal is done by approaching the hair follicle, it is possible to visit our salon once every two weeks regardless of the hair cycle.

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