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RIO-Bangkok-SHR's Special Menu: SHR Hair Removal + Intensive Care Treatment

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RIO-Bangkok-SHR's Special Menu: SHR Hair Removal + Intensive Care Treatment

Great news for those seeking beautiful skin and effective hair removal simultaneously! RIO-Bangkok-SHR offers a special menu "SHR Hair Removal + Intensive Care Treatment" utilizing the latest beauty technology. This blog will introduce the details of this innovative treatment and its amazing results.

## What is SHR Hair Removal?

SHR (Super Hair Removal) is the latest hair removal technology that is less painful than traditional laser hair removal and can be used on various skin types. RIO-Bangkok-SHR adopts this effective hair removal method.

## What is Intensive Care Treatment?

Intensive Care Treatment is an innovative skincare treatment that uses the latest machine to directly infuse vitamins and other active ingredients into the skin. This treatment is performed after SHR hair removal for even more effective skincare.

## Three Essence Options

Intensive Care Treatment offers three essence options:

### 1. Vit.C Brightening Essence

- **Effect**: Brightens the skin and gives a translucent glow.

- **Feature**: Rich in Vitamin C, it improves dark spots and dullness.

- **Note**: Those with dry skin should be cautious when using. Ensure thorough moisturizing after treatment.

### 2. Moisturizing Essence

- **Effect**: Highly moisturizing, maintaining skin hydration and health.

- **Target**: Ideal for those with extremely dry skin.

- **Feature**: Strengthens the skin's barrier function and protects against dryness.

### 3. Intensive Care Facial & Body Treatment

- **Content**: Vitamin-based skincare treatment for both face and body.

- **Effect**: Balances skin condition and achieves healthy, radiant skin.

## Synergistic Effects of SHR Hair Removal and Intensive Care Treatment

Performing Intensive Care Treatment after SHR hair removal provides the following wonderful synergistic effects:

1. **Enhanced hair removal**: SHR effectively removes unwanted hair.

2. **Accelerated skin recovery**: Intensive Care Treatment after hair removal speeds up skin recovery.

3. **Reduced irritation**: The treatment soothes skin irritation after hair removal.

4. **Maximized skincare effect**: Combining hair removal and skincare provides comprehensive beauty benefits.

5. **Long-term skin health**: Regular care maintains long-term skin health and beauty.

## Recommended Usage Methods

We recommend the following combinations based on the customer's skin type and goals:

1. **Standard Care**: SHR Hair Removal → Moisturizing Essence

- Provides sufficient moisture to the skin after hair removal and prevents dryness.

2. **Whitening Care**: SHR Hair Removal → Vit.C Brightening Essence

- Cares for the skin after hair removal while also providing skin-whitening effects.

3. **Full-body Intensive Care**: SHR Hair Removal → Intensive Care Facial & Body Treatment

- Provides comprehensive care for face and body after hair removal, promoting skin recovery.

These combinations maximize the effects of SHR hair removal while thoroughly caring for the skin afterwards. Performing Intensive Care Treatment after hair removal promotes skin recovery and achieves smoother, healthier skin.

Furthermore, we can customize these treatment combinations according to the customer's skin condition and specific concerns. For example, for those with particularly sensitive skin, we might recommend using the gentler Moisturizing Essence after SHR hair removal, followed by a light layer of Vit.C Brightening Essence to meet individual needs.

## Customer Testimonials

"I used to worry about dry skin after hair removal, but since using Intensive Care Treatment, my skin feels moisturized and looks great!" (30-year-old woman)

"Being able to care for skin whitening and hair removal at the same time is so time-efficient. My skin condition has improved too." (40-year-old woman)

## Summary

RIO-Bangkok-SHR's "SHR Hair Removal + Intensive Care Treatment" is the ultimate menu that achieves effective hair removal and advanced skincare simultaneously. The combination of the latest hair removal technology and innovative skincare will make your skin glow from within.

With the ability to customize according to skin type and concerns, we can provide optimal care for each individual's specific needs. We highly recommend this menu for those seeking both beautiful skin and effective hair removal.

For more details or reservations, please feel free to contact the staff at RIO-Bangkok-SHR. If you have any questions, our experienced staff will be happy to provide detailed explanations. Let's take a step towards your ideal skin together!

## 🌟 Limited Time Special Offer 🌟

Full Face Hair Removal 6 sessions + Intensive Care 6 sessions

Special Price: 9,999 Baht (Regular Price: 14,900 Baht)

★ Now with a Free Face Mask!

Don't miss this opportunity! Start your journey to beautiful skin with RIO-Bangkok-SHR today. Please book your appointment or inquire for more information soon!

RIO Bangkok SHR hair removal

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