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Q & A

Q&A about S.H.R. Optical Hair Removal

A: S.H.R. light hair removal uses low heat; it is less painful than Yag or IPL. Or there may be no pain at all. We only use our own Princess Care oil gel to avoid damaging the skin.

❶ Is S.H.R. optical hair removal painful?

Optical hair removal cannot stop hair growth immediately, so regular treatments are required. Changes can be seen from the first treatment, but after 3-6 treatments, the hair follicles are weakened, hair growth is reduced, and the hair becomes thinner.

❷ How many times does it take for S.H.R. Optical Hair Removal?

The AEA (American Electrology Association) defines "permanent hair removal" as "one month after the end of hair removal. The hair regrowth rate is less than 20%". There is no innovation in permanent hair removal in the world. It is only the hair that grows back. It may be so thin that it is almost invisible.

❸ Optical hair removal Will the hair be permanently removed?

Please refrain from self-treatment before your next optical hair removal appointment date, as the shedding process will naturally fall off due to friction and other factors. Also, please use an electric shaver or razor when self-treating the day before your appointment.

❹ How can I remove the hair by myself until my next optical hair removal appointment?

Areas requiring optical hair removal should avoid tanning for approximately one month prior to the procedure and should be avoided as much as possible. Sunburn may prevent optical hair removal for about 1-2 months.

❺ Can I use optical hair removal services if my skin is tanned?

To keep your skin in good condition, it is recommended that you shave your hair 1-2 days prior to receiving services.

❻ Preparation before hair removal services

  • Apply skin cream regularly to moisturize.

  • Before going out, it is recommended to apply sunscreen every time.

  • After receiving the service, avoid going out in the sun for the first 1-3 days, except for necessary circumstances.

  • Avoid taking hot showers for the first 1-3 days.

  • Do not rub or scratch the skin for 3 days after laser treatment.

  • Do not shave until the day of the service. You can shave the hair before light hair removal.

❻ After completing light hair removal, the care steps are as follows?


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